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Support for the investors

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In order to increase the quality of investor service, an Investor Assistance Point was set up in the Czernica Communee. Qualified staff provide support and care.  The Czernica commune also offers support to companies that have suffered as a result of Covid-19:  Pomoc dla przedsiębiorców z Gminy Czernica w związku z COVID -19   (LINK) (


At the regional level, a broad package of support for entrepreneurs is offered by the Lower Silesian Agency for Economic Cooperation (DAWG) (, and in particular by the Investor Assistance Centre (COI) ( operating within its structures.


At the national level, various forms of support are available through the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) (

The Municipality of Czernica has great offers for the investors:

post-investment support for the companies (it also supports the companies operating in the commune by maintaining a constant contact with them and helping in solving current problems connected with the activity in the commune);
help in choosing the best investment location;
the regular meetings with entrepreneurs at the Czernica Commune Office;
good infrastructure preparation (the area and utilities);
preparation of information about the municipalities’ investment opportunities (including the offer of the investment areas;
promotional support as a part of the co-operation with the partners (ARAW, WSSE, PAIH);
co-operation in education for labour market’s needs;
assistance in a registration of business’ activities by qualified employees.

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