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Why is it worth to invest in Czernica

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The investors who decided to run a business here were convinced to the fact that the Municipality of Czernica is a good place for the implementation of investment plans and the development. Only a few kilometres from the city limits and about a 20 minutes drive from the city centre, near to the Eastern City Ring Road, crossed by roads of a national and international importance. With an easy access to the cultural and shopping centres, as well as to the Wroclaw International Airport. A great connection to the major city and low land prices are the benefits, which attract more and more investors. The local government of Czernica co-operates with the Association of municipalities to offer a wide range of educational and economic activities and to create optimal conditions for investment projects. The investment area in Dobrzykowice, located in a direct neighbourhood of the City Ring Road and the city of Wrocław, is intended for services, industrial production, industrial halls, car parks, warehouses, manoeuvring works and commercial facilities.



Projekt „Wdrożenia standardów obsługi inwestora w samorządzie województwa dolnośląskiego”